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Are You Ready (Bad Habitz)
Bad Reputation (Bad Habitz)
Bamses F�dselsdag (Asplin, Per)
Brotherhood (Diezel)
Can't Get Enough (Tindrum)
Dancin' (Diezel)
Ditten Dutten Dei (Asplin, Per)
Don't Believe A Word/Chinatown/Suicide (Bad Habitz)
Don't Break My Heart (Diezel)
Don't Fight Your Feelings (Diezel)

Shovelhead (Diesel Dahl)
Evolution (Diesel Dahl)
Granada (Vassendgutane)
BMW'n (Sie Gubba)
Drums of war (Diesel Dahl)
Knucklehead (Diesel Dahl)
Midnite dynamite (Diesel Dahl)
Sticky Dough (Carina Dahl)
What A Wonderful World (TNT)
Ungkar Med Dobbelseng
12 tracks on release
CD price: 9.6 EUR
Johansen, Ottar ..
11 tracks on release
CD price: 8.8 EUR
Various artists
V�lenga ringelyder
11 tracks on release
Carina Dahl
Sticky Dough
1 track on single
CD price: 1 EUR
Brutal Kuk
10 tracks on release
CD price: 8.5 EUR
Kurt Foss og Rei..
Det ringer, det ringer (ringelyder)
7 tracks on release
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